Islands High School

School Mascot and Colors

Islands’ mascot is the shark, and our colors are teal and black.

School Board Mission

To ignite a passion for learning and teaching at high levels.

School Board Vision

From school to the world: All students prepared for productive futures.

Alma Mater

The Latin phrase, “alma mater”, meaning “nourishing mother”, refers to the high school or university from which you graduate. Alma mater is also the term used for the school song, which celebrates the relationship between graduate and alma mater in a traditional hymn style. The alma mater is traditionally sung at school graduation. Here is the first verse of the Islands High School alma mater, music composed by Emily Graham and lyrics written by Joel Clackum:

Though around this world we’ll travel and all its secrets learn,

Evermore we’ll cross the oceans to our island home,

Islands High School, we adore you, haven by the sea,

Like the mighty shark we’ll travel swiftly back to thee.

Fight Song

A fight song is a school song used to show team pride. This song can be heard at football games, parades, and other school rallying events. Islands’ fight song is an original composition written for the Islands Sharks, lyrics and music by Emily Graham:

Hail! to the mighty Sharks,

Hail! to the teal and black,

Hail! to the swift, fierce beasts of the sea!

Cheer! for our spirit true,

Cheer! for the best high school,

Cheer! for the Champions of the East!

Leaders glorious! Heroes victorious!

All, hail the Islands Sharks!

Islands, go, fight, win!

Go, Sharks, go Sharks, gooo, Sharks!