Music allows us to celebrate and preserve our cultural heritages, and also to explore the realms of expression, imagination, and creation resulting in new knowledge. Therefore, every individual should be guaranteed the opportunity to learn music and to share in musical experiences. – NAfME


Do you know why music education in schools is so important? To be an advocate for music education in schools, it helps to first understand WHY these types of programs are so important.

  • Music education shapes the way our students understand themselves and the world around them.
  • Studying music allows for deeper engagement with learning.
  • Music education programs essentially nurture the assets and skills that pave the way for a student’s future success, such as curiosity, creativity, collaboration, self-discipline, and motivation.

Even if you understand why it’s so important to maintain music education programs in schools, it’s sometimes hard to find the right words to express that knowledge.  

Advocating in favor of music education really works when you share your heartfelt PASSION for music along with some actual PROOF about why it is so important for kids. If you want to be a truly successful advocate for music education, it will help if you can convey those feelings and facts in a way that comes across clearly, concisely, and honestly.

How do you start?

  • If you’re a parent, student, or someone who simply believes in the importance of advocating for music education, think of a personal story or two that demonstrates how you feel.
  • Then, go here to learn some of the facts about music education in schools that NAfME has compiled.  Jot some of them down and talk them over with a friend or colleague, until you become comfortable in what you are saying.
  • Remember – when it comes to advocating, sometimes “less is more”.  You don’t have to be an expert in music education to make a difference.  You just need to know a little, and have a few facts to share.

Broader Minded is the NAfME advocacy website for music education. Visit today and find out how to speak up for the band, choir, and any other music program. When it comes to advocating for music education, your voice is needed today more than ever before.

The information presented above is from the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) website. NafME is one of the world’s largest arts education organizations and greatest advocates for music education at the local, state, and national level.