About Our Program

Dear Band Students and Parents,

Welcome to one of the most exciting experiences in which you can be a part –the band! Now, more than ever, we have information to justify why we participate in this demanding, yet rewarding, activity. You will quickly find that band is truly a family in and of itself.

Did You Know?

  • The Islands Band started in 2010 with 14 members. We now have 70 band members! Our band program is a healthy and growing organization.
  • The IHS Marching Band was started last year, and played for the first time in football games this year along with the first season of varsity football.
  • Each year, more students have signed up, auditioned, and made the District Honor Band – this year, 13 Islands students participated in this prestigious event.
  • Last year, we had our first band trip to perform at the national WorldStrides Heritage Performance Program in Orlando, Florida.

This past year was full of successes by our students. In all areas of the program, we saw growth and indications that the program is only going to continue to prosper. We are looking ahead to some wonderful opportunities for the coming year!

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